Beam Your Greeting to Ultima Thule as New Horizons Flies By On New Year's 2019!

Join the First Mission to Explore the Kuiper Belt!

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft is poised to conduct the farthest planetary flyby ever – an encounter with the Kuiper Belt object nicknamed "Ultima Thule" – on January 1, 2019. Choose a message for the mission team to beam (along with your name) to New Horizons as it speeds past Ultima four billion miles from home. Traveling at light speed, your message will reach the spacecraft about six hours after leaving the satellite communications facility at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab in Maryland.

Submissions will be accepted through December 21, 2018.

You will be sent an email with instructions to complete the submission process.

Where is New Horizons?
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We currently have 17,180 greetings and counting!

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