Pluto Encounter

New Horizons LORRI Image

Thumbnail image of Ring search, outbound, high-resolution with LORRI
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Description:Ring search, outbound, high-resolution with LORRI
Time:2015-07-21 13:16:37 UTC
Exposure:200 msec
Range:8.4M km
Image Name:lor_0299790516_0x639_sci_1
Additional Information: These images were taken to search for any evidence of dust rings in the Pluto system. Small particles are strongly forward scattering, so observations after closest approach might be able to see rings even though they weren’t detected during the approach to Pluto. One problem, however, is that scattered sunlight produces a high background level that reduces our ability to see dust rings. This situation is similar to what happens when you’re driving your car and the Sun is directly in front of you. The dirt on your windshield is now easy to see, but you’re also fighting the glare from the Sun.