Pluto Encounter

New Horizons LORRI Image

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Time:2015-07-10 17:44:54 UTC
Exposure:9967 msec
Range:4.5M km
Image Name:lor_0298856218_0x639_sci_1
Additional Information:

This image contains one or more objects whose brightness exceeds the detector's saturation level. This sometimes produces a "tail" of bright and/or dark pixels to the right of the object. You may also notice a faint vertical white stripe passing through the saturated object; this is an artifact called "frame transfer smear" and is associated with the incomplete removal of signal produced when the image is transferred from the optically active region of the detector to the storage region of the detector. If the target is badly saturated, you may also notice a faint, X-shaped feature nearly centered on the object; these are optical diffraction spikes.