Call for Abstracts

Scientists and Educators attending this conference are invited to submit contributed abstracts for oral and poster presentation.

All contributed abstracts must be submitted by email to the SOC Chair (Mark Sykes) at by 8:00 pm (EDT) on Friday, June 27, 2008. Abstracts should be limited to one page, including graphics, tables, and references.

Please indicate in your email which type of presentation you prefer (poster vs oral). Please note that most contributed papers will probably be in the form of posters.

Received Abstracts:


Characteristics of Terrestrial Planets
John Chambers

Planetary Perils in Prague: An Insider's View
Owen Gingerich

Categorizing Objects: Its Purpose and Role in Science and Education
L. A. Lebofsky

Formation and Nature of Giant Planets
Jack J. Lissauer

Planetary Scattering and Migration: Lessons from Pluto
Renu Malhotra

Properties of Ice-Rich Planet
William B. McKinnon

Binary Planets
Keith Noll

Planets Beyond the Solar System: Diverse Exoplanets
Sara Seager

The Utility of the Dynamical-Based (IAU) Definition
Steven Soter

The Utility of the Physical-Based Definition
S.A. Stern

The Physical-Based Definition of a Planet
Mark V. Sykes


Why the Name "Dwarf Planet" Works in Education!

How to Teach Why the Dynamical Definition of Planets is the Best Method
Alex Michael Leonard Klein and Dr. Harold Alden Williams

Planet Definition Is Important
Laurel Kornfeld

Planethood Definition Thoughts
Brian Laskiewicz

Defining the Upper Limit of Planetary Size
Jack J. Lissauer

Brown Dwarf vs Planet: On the Deuterium Burning Limit
James Lloyd

Dwarf Planets, NASA's Dawn and New Frontiers Missions: Examples in the Evolution of Language
Lucy McFadden, Joe Wise, John Ristvey

The Case Against Defining "Planet"
David Morrison

The Hubble Space Telescope Explores the Limits of Roundness: Ceres and Vesta
Max J. Mutchler, L.A. McFadden, J. Li, P.C. Thomas, J.Wm. Parker, E.F. Young, C.T. Russell, M.V. Sykes, B. Schmidt

Ceres and Pluto: Dwarf Planets: A New Way of Thinking about an Old Solar System
John Ristvey and Lucy McFadden

Pedagogical Considerations
A. D. Storrs

Pallas: Planet, Protoplanet, or Asteroid?
B. E. Schmidt, P. C. Thomas, J. M. Bauer, J.-Y. Li, L. A. McFadden, M. J. Mutchler, J. Wm. Parker, A. S. Rivkin, C. T. Russell, and, S. A. Stern

When Did the Asteroids Become Minor Planets?
James L. Hilton and Sean E. Urban

New World Order and the Final Frontier
Thomas Haeberle

planet definition, dwarf planets, pluto, ice dwarfs