Pluto Encounter

New Horizons LORRI Image

Thumbnail image of LORRI map; Enc. hemisphere. 3-4x/day
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Description:LORRI map; Enc. hemisphere. 3-4x/day
Time:2015-04-09 05:01:00 UTC
Exposure:150 msec
Range:114.7M km
Image Name:lor_0290861578_0x630_sci_9
Additional Information: Sometimes only partial images are downlinked in order to reduce downlink data volume using a process called "windowing". The region of interest, also called the "window", is captured from the LORRI detector and the rest of the image is not even downlinked. However, the subsequent ground processing populates the missing regions with zeroes and then subtracts the bias level, which produces negative numbers in the final calibrated image. This combination of negative numbers in the "Blank Region" and "Real Data" in the windowed region, and the automatic intensity scaling used to produce the JPEG image (which ranges from the minimum to maximum values in the image), produces a banded structure in the JPEGs. A similar effect also applies to images for which data have been "lost" (e.g., data dropouts at the Deep Space Network).