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January 4, 2018

Spend Next New Year's Eve with New Horizons

The New Year's celebration to usher in 2019 will include an event like no other – more than four billion miles from Earth. In just under a year, the New Horizons spacecraft will buzz by the most primitive and most distant object ever explored.Read More »
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Thu February 15, 2018 7:00 AM EST

Starry Night Astronomy Fest

NASA’s New Horizons Team will be on hand to answer questions • The Cosmosphere’s Astronomy Club will have many telescopes and binoculars to view the night sky. Attendees are welcome to bring their own equipment. • Weather permitting (no rain date – it’s either a go or no go)

Location: Hobart-Detter Field in Carey Park , 9 Emerson Loop Hutchinson, KS 67501

Thu February 15, 2018 9:00 AM EST

Coffee at the Cosmo: Pluto-palooza

Offered every Third Thursday from 9:00 - 10:00 am, this enriching continuing education program for life-long learners features entertaining, insightful presentations by Cosmosphere staff and visiting professionals who are experts in a variety of topics related to science and space. Free to the public, coffee and pastries are provided. Watch cosmo.org for topics. Enjoy this free presentation: "Pluto-Palooza," by special guest speakers from NASA's New Horizons Mission to Pluto. *Coffee at the Cosmo topics and speakers are subject to change.

Location: 1100 N Plum Street Hutchinson, KS 67501

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January 19, 2006
January 28, 2006
Trajectory correction maneuver (TCM)
January 30, 2006
Trajectory correction maneuver (TCM)
March 9, 2006
Trajectory correction maneuver (TCM)
April 7, 2006
Mars orbit crossing
June 11-13, 2006
New Horizons "tracks" asteroid 2002 JF56 (later named "APL")
September 21, 2006
First New Horizons images (with LORRI) of Pluto
February 28, 2007
Jupiter flyby/gravity assist
June 27, 2007
New Horizons' first entry into hibernation
September 25, 2007
Trajectory correction maneuver (TCM)
September-November 2007
Annual checkout (ACO) 1
June 8, 2008
Saturn orbit crossing
July-August 2008
Annual checkout (ACO) 2
July-August 2009
Annual checkout (ACO) 3
December 29, 2009
New Horizons reaches the halfway point (in distance traveled) to Pluto
May-July 2010
Annual checkout (ACO) 4
June 30, 2010
Trajectory correction maneuver (TCM)
October 16, 2010
New Horizons reaches halfway point (in time traveled) to Pluto
March 18, 2011
Uranus orbit crossing
May-July 2011
Annual checkout (ACO) 5
December 2, 2011
New Horizons becomes the closest spacecraft to Pluto
May-July 2012
Annual checkout (ACO) 6
May-August 2013
Annual checkout (ACO) 7
July 22-26, 2013
Pre-Encounter Pluto System Science Conference
June-August 2014
Annual checkout (ACO) 8; Optical navigation (OpNav) campaign 1
July 15, 2014
Trajectory correction maneuver
August 25, 2014
Neptune orbit crossing
December 6, 2014
Final wake-up from hibernation
January 15, 2015
Pluto encounter/approach phase 1 begins
January 25, 2015
Optical navigation (OpNav) campaign 2 begins
February 18, 2015
85th anniversary of Pluto's discovery by Clyde Tombaugh
March 10, 2015
Trajectory correction maneuver (TCM) opportunity
April 2015
Approach Phase 2 begins
April 5, 2015
100 days until Pluto close approach (P-100)
April 9, 2015
Color approach imaging of Pluto system begins
May-June 2015
New Horizons provides best-ever images of Pluto system
June 2015
Last full Pluto system "family portraits" (from LORRI) expected; Approach Phase 3 begins; optical navigation (OpNav) campaign 3
June 14, 2015
Trajectory correction maneuver (TCM) opportunity
June 18, 2015
Infrared approach imaging of Pluto system begins
June 24, 2015
Trajectory correction maneuver (TCM) opportunity
June 30, 2015
Trajectory correction maneuver (TCM) opportunity
July 4, 2015
Last trajectory correction maneuver (TCM) opportunity
July 12-13, 2015
Last critical pre-flyby data sent back to Earth (P-2 and P-1 days)
July 14, 2015
Closest approach to Pluto
July 15, 2015
First post-flyby data returned (P+1) Departure Phase 1 begins
August 2015
Departure Phase 2 begins
October 2015
Departure Phase 3 begins
January 2016
Pluto encounter ends
October-December 2016
Pluto encounter data playback ends