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To me, this is the high watermark, so far, of our space program. I am thrilled to have this happen in my lifetime. I was born in 1964 and hope I am around for the Pluto flyby. The mission also illustrates just how vast our solar neighborhood is. Thank you, every single person who worked on this project and continue to work on it. BIG tip o' the hat for the location Web page. I hit it once a month :-)

Thom MacIntyre
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Back in 1957, my dad got us kids out of bed to listen to little beeping sounds on our 9-inch black-and-white TV. It was Sputnik 1 and he explained why it was important. Today, I watch New Horizons on its quiet mission to Pluto. After El Alamein, Churchill was asked if this was the beginning of the end. He replied something like, "No, but perhaps it is the end of the beginning." And that is just how I see this mission.

David Oates
Cardiff, United Kingdom

Seeing live photos of Pluto is a dream that has come true! As one of the many children in the world who have been so fascinated by the smallest planet of our solar family, I am thrilled by this adventure. NASA has so captured our imaginings in this endeavor! May this journey show the wonder and joy such incredible hard work and effort NASA did for all the children of Earth.

Dawn Clark
Smyrna, Georgia, USA

I love it to know, that my name is on the road to Pluto. Thank you to the New Horizons team for the messages on your home page about New Horizons.

Carsten Wedekind
Petershagen, Germany

Since my childhood in the early 1970s, I've been fascinated by astronomy. In those days, few probes had ventured beyond Earth's orbit, and my father's large astronomy encyclopedia showed low resolution, hazy (but INCREDIBLE) pictures of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The outer planets had yet to be seen up close, and Voyagers 1 and 2 fulfilled that dream . Now, it's New Horizons. I've been waiting my whole life for this!

Phil Seaker
Calgary, Canada

My name is on the New Horizons spacecraft. I'm one out of 340,000 people who submitted their names for NASA to start the New Horizons project.

Andre Brown
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

New Horizons is a good thing. It should clear up a lot of the mystery surrounding Pluto. What I couldn't understand was the demotion of Pluto to a minor planetoid. I think the IAU could have made an exception in Pluto's case, since it was a planet for so long. I told my kids to not pay attention to the IAU's reclassification of Pluto. It is still number 9 in my book.

William McTurnan
Bloomfield, Missouri, USA

I am in awe of this spacecraft. How does it continue to work, what is its energy source, why does it sleep? I am old and hope I am still alive in 2015.

Brooksville, Florida, USA

I am excited about what is happening. As someone who has followed the space program since the Mercury days, it is really great we are able to do this.

Randy Patterson
Magnolia, Texas, USA

I await new photos from the craft.


The probe is almost half way to Pluto and when it finally takes its photographs and does its science we will all be a little richer.It's amazing that any thing so far away traveling so fast for so long can continue operating as well as it has.

Good luck with the rest of the voyage. A great team deserves no less.

Bob Reeder
Springfield, Missouri, USA

I remember the night (it was midnight in Russia) when I was following the New Horizons launch. I was furious about poor weather conditions preventing the liftoff but finally I'd froze seeing the New Horizons proudly spitting into the sky!

Now more than three years have passed, but I'm not getting tired with admiration. New Horizons is so trailblazing, so brave, so proud and so glorious that I have no words to express this challenge to the universe!

New Horizons' milestones are my personal milestones. And now I'm excited to meet the New Horizons halfway across the infinity! It's coming ...

I'm so grateful to NASA, Dr. Alan Stern and the whole project team for making this dream come true and for presenting this priceless and timeless gift to the humankind.

God bless all of you!

Pavel Rezvushkin
Voronezh, Russia

I find it magnificent to "follow" this journey; being part of history and looking forward to the future ...

So far away, but in reality so close ...

Jan Hanot
Bierbeek, Belgium

Hard to believe it was three years ago. My wife and I watched the launch live on NASA TV.

I remember the moon landings and the fantastic images from the Voyager missions. I have endeavored to follow the major missions since gaining access to the Internet. I look forward to seeing what we find when the spacecraft reaches Pluto near my 50th birthday.

James Bell
Torrance, California, USA

As Churchill said after El Alamein, "This is not the beginning of the end but perhaps we may call it the end of the beginning."

David Oates
Cardiff, United Kingdom

For decades I could only dream how our solar system frontier would look like. For years I have longed for a Pluto mission and now finally a dream - even so remote and far away - will come true! Many thanks to the entire New Horizon Project Team!

Tallinn, Estonia

I am so excited that New Horizons is working properly. I had the opportunity of helping build F-8 RTG for the spacecraft. We who worked on the F-8 RTG are so proud that it is functioning properly and that all the hard work put into it is paying off. Want to thank NASA and APL and all the other contractors who made this project such a great success. Looking forward to updates on status of New Horizons. A special thanks to Alan Stern for his dedication to all the projects.

Daniel Robert Thomas
Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA

Truly wonderful. As a former resident of Barrow, Alaska, I understand how cold and remote small places like Pluto can get a lack of respect. But this is the time of change, so as New Horizons closes ever closer to Pluto, the planet Pluto, there will be much more appreciation.


I am glad that SOMEBODY is going out to check on Pluto, our 9th planet! I say once a planet, always a planet. Hang in there, Pluto.

Hjordis Creel
Fort Payne, Alabama, USA

The universe has always fascinated me and New Horizons gives me goose bumps and cause to catch my breath when I marvel at where it is going and the speed with which it moves. There will come a time when Earth will not be an inhabitable place for the human race. We've got to learn more about our solar system and other alternative habitats. Mission Control, keep up the great work!

William Park
Hurricane, West Virginia, USA

A great accomplishment already, and a doorway to future appreciation of the majestic Pluto/Charon double planet system.

Wisconsin, USA

It's truly amazing to see what New Horizons is capturing for us to see. It really goes to show how great our God really is! I will be 34 in 2015 and can't wait to see the pictures on July 14! I can only imagine what will be discovered beyond 2015. Keep up the awesome job.

Starr, South Carolina, USA

This mission is a big adventure and I'm very happy to get away from an ordinary working day by following it. Thanks!

Thomas Freyer
Chemnitz, Germany

In July 2015, I will be 59. I sincerely hope that I and New Horizons will both be in good health. Being present for history-making events is a real honor. Let us hope that the signals from the spacecraft arrive on an Earth that also is honorable and healthy.

Bill Campbell
Calgary, Canada

New Horizons is one of our best chances to test our views and calculations into our distant solar system.

Mark Todd Russell Jr.

This mission is a big adventure and I'm very happy to get away from an ordinary working day by following it. Thanks!

Thomas Freyer
Chemnitz, Germany

Every planet, every moon, asteroid, etc., should be explored in our solar system. We need to explore. Who knows what new horizons lay ahead!!

Jack Fecko
Key West, Florida, USA

I've always had a fascination about Pluto. I been following New Horizons since liftoff and I keep a log of its progress. I'll be 77 when New Horizons makes its flyby on 7-14-15 and I hope I make it as I'm really looking forward to seeing close up pictures of Pluto.

I think Pluto oughta be reinstated as a full-fledged planet and I've lobbied for that end with the IAU, my Congressman, the UN and the Vatican -- to no avail.

Robert F. Brown
Orleans, Massachusetts, USA

I'm in awe regarding our first attempt to go to Pluto [still a planet in my book!] ... The fact that New Horizons has been in space for over 1,000 days and has only covered 1/4 of its distance shows just how vast space is. I've been a BIG space fan for 40 years and look forward to the next 40!

Justin Collett
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

My students often ask if Pluto's still a planet, it's fun to quote a passionate and authoritative figure when I cite Alan Stern's opinion.

Jamie Dillon
Salinas, California, USA

This is awesome! New Horizons has done all this in a whiz. I feel like just yesterday it was launched as I started following its journey. May New Horizons be successful and fulfill its mission and more!

Abhishek Kylasa
Bakersfield, California, USA

Back in 1972 I was a freshman attending New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Since I was fascinated with astronomy (ever since first grade), I decided to take an astronomy course. As it turned out, my astronomy teacher was Clyde W. Tombaugh. I had read about him before in books, but I had no idea that the person who discovered the now dwarf planet Pluto lived in my own hometown. I was spellbound having someone so famous (for me he was a celebrity) as a teacher.

I enjoyed his class and especially loved it when Tombaugh would tell us in great detail how he accidently discovered Pluto and how fortunate us young people were to be living in such an exciting age of astronomy. Tombaugh retired from teaching the next year and passed away in 1997.

Now that New Horizons is headed for Pluto I remember my old astronomy professor and his enthusiasm for the cosmos. I too am excited about the voyage and contemplate on what Pluto looks like and what we'll find beyond in the Kuiper Belt.

Tombaugh was right. My generation is lucky to witness the exciting Golden Age of Astronomy.

Juan M. Guerra
Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA

Way to run a project. Continued success, New Horizons, and may we all be here in 2015 to see the fruits of all the labors to this point, and to come!!!

Rich Emanuel
Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA

I used to find it disturbing that the years fly so fast. Now that also means New Horizons will soon be at Pluto - the most amazing thing happening since the Voyagers' unbelievable Grand Tour!

I only wish my own tax money also supported projects like this so it would feel better to pay the tax!

Christer Lundberg
Stockholm, Sweden

I think it is a great thing, exploring the solar system. I hope New Horizons will send much data from Pluto and the Kuiper belt.

Okuro Oikwaw

New Horizons has been a great spacecraft so far with an exciting first year and a half or so. But now that New Horizons is crossing the void between Jupiter and Pluto ... I figure I might as well forget about the mission for several years. Not much to be going on as far as science I'm guessing.

Definitely looking forward to the Pluto encounter next decade!

Greenville, USA

Congrats to the New Horizons team for completing the mission's first 1,000 days to Pluto. Having signed the petition organized by The Planetary Society to support the NH mission I'm really touched to see what we've come this far.

From launching to the Jupiter encounter with breath-taking images of the giant planet and its moon Io, it's just awesome. Keep our bird in good health and ask her to send back some postcards periodically. See you all on the mission's 2,000th day.

Vu Trong Thu
Hanoi, Vietnam

This is a fantastic mission. The last planet, Pluto, was left unexplored after Voyager 2's encounter with Neptune, and soon New Horizons will address that omission. New Horizons will finally complete Phase 1 of the exploration of the solar system.

And New Horizons is also leaving our solar system permanently - along with my name on the CD. Inspiring stuff!

Patrick Shiels
Dublin, Ireland

I am surprised that the software on the spacecraft can fail and be fixed even at these vast distances. Bravo to the Computer Scientists on this project who have designed it so well. This is a great adventure which I hope to see to its conclusion on July 14, 2015, when I'll be almost 71.

Gales Ferry, Connecticut, USA

I can't wait to see the first Pluto pictures.

Quah Guang Qian

Of course, Pluto is an exciting prospect, but what I find more exciting is the unknown Kuiper Belt. What secrets will New Horizons unlock? How long will the mission last? Will it crash into something in the belt or continue on out of our heliosphere like the Voyager missions? Can't wait to see how this mission unfolds!

Bryan V.
New York, New York, USA

GO New Horizons!!!!

Christopher Dube

Great stuff, and I was personally part of the campaign to get this mission to happen. My name too is on the CD (#33663).

Two missions, MESSENGER and New Horizons, going to explore both ends of our solar system, Mercury and Dwarf Planet/KBO Pluto, very exciting and of immense scientific importance. Wonder what New Horizons will image? Cryovolcanism on both/either of Pluto and Charon? Or are they ancient and cratered? Either way, this will be of tremendous interest and scientific importance

Andrew R Brown
Ashford, Kent, United Kingdom

I totally love and support this amazing mission! Your site is superb with wonderful features.

I perform a special trick: from the plot, I take the distance from Earth. Then, laying index cards on the chart, I estimate New Horizons’ location along the ecliptic relative to plotted planets. (Yes, I know that it is not necessarily in the ecliptic plane!) Then, I use Starry Night Pro to "go there" and view the Solar System as seen from New Horizons, zooming in on planets, observing their distances and visual magnitudes from the spacecraft. This adds multiple dimensions of involvement with the mission.

Great work!

Clark B. Andrews
Shamokin Dam, Pennsylvania, USA

I just think it is fantastic we now live at a time when we can explore every planet in the solar system! I am glad to support NASA in this effort!

Fred Cherry
Angola, New York, USA

It will be interesting to see the objects in the Kuiper Belt as well as Pluto and its moons. It will be interesting to see the edge view of the Solar System looking back toward the sun. Now it would be most interesting to send back photographs from a spacecraft launched 90 degrees from the solar system from the Earth.

Jimmy G. Mahuron, K9JWJ
Salem, Indiana, USA

Finally, we can know planet Pluto. So get it as a principal planet.

Catania, Italy

I've been following the New Horizons mission since before it was lunched and have kept up to date ever since. I'm anxious to see the first images of the Pluto system when New Horizons arrives. I was fascinated by the first images of Jupiter and of the asteroid flyby not long ago.

(I post constant updates on a forum just as soon as I get e-mails on the mission, at

David King
Huntingdon, United Kingdom

I think this mission is awesome and I’m glad to be alive during this monumental age we’re in. You guys are doing a good job, keep it up. You have my unwavering support always.

Aaron Kirby
Tucson, Arizona, USA

I have been a fan of Pluto ever since I was a child, meaning that I have been fascinated by it for over four decades. I am fortunate to actually see it in a few years. More important is sharing the experience with my young children, who watched New Horizons launch online with me and will be high-school age when she reaches Pluto.

Joe Gladstone
Seattle, Washington, USA

Another superb achievement by NASA. The spacecraft is apparently operating well. With almost one-third of the distance covered, we had already a superb view on Jupiter and its moons. I am very anxious to see what will be next. Congratulations to the team!

Wim Ghoris
Ghent, Belgium

I am very excited to be following the New Horizons Mission to Pluto and beyond. The launch was spectacular. The asteroid encounter and the Jupiter flyby one year later were terrific initial exercises of on-board systems and your Earth-based mission communication and control. If for no other reason, I am glad to finally see a space probe traveling outbound at nearly twice the velocity of earlier missions - thanks to the rocket and the physics of the Jupiter gravity assist or slingshot. I only wish that we were committed to more missions of this caliber throughout our solar system, while we wait for the arrival of high-velocity rockets, shorter transit times and more robust life support systems for our manned missions.

Mark Weisberg
Houston, Texas, USA

Unbelievable and incredible.

Lee, Sang-Bae
Seoul, Korea

I think a really exciting part of the mission is the coordination and management of designing and building the satellite, and mating it to a one-of-a-kind launch vehicle. The fact that it was built on a fast track schedule, worked great the first time through, and is exceeding everyone's wildest imagination is a real tribute to engineering and project management skills. I think it would make for a good book on how to "do it right." Most folks cannot imagine how difficult it is to pull off something like this successfully. Congratulations!

Tacoma, Washington, USA

The whole journey so far has been totally inspiring - magnificently and beautifully described so brilliantly by Alan Stern's newsletters. As a mature chemist who has watched the exploration of space right from a boy it has been thrilling and at the same time humbling to contemplate the vast distances involved, the awesome time scales and the staggering technical ingenuity of the scientific team. It is truly a privilege to be even involved as a spectator on this breathtaking adventure. Good luck for the forthcoming part of the journey and thank you.

Neil Folland
Burscough, Lancashire, United Kingdom

I am very interested in your great project and I am looking very foward to seeing the first photographs of Pluto and Charon. My son is 4-years-old now and when the probe will have reached its goal he will be 11 and probably understand the historical importance of the project. Good luck!!

Harald Schmidt
Vienna, Austria

I always think it is sooo awesome that we are way out there with these robotic probes.

Mike Sullivan
Tampa, Florida, USA

I’m very pleased and Happy! I can’t wait to see the FIRST photos of Pluto!

Syed Roshaan

I remember signing a petition to keep the Pluto mission going, and now, 1,000 days, great job. 2,400 and counting.

James Dalton
Joliet, Illinois, USA

Congratulations to one and all involved in New Horizons. You show the pioneer spirit and all that is good about mankind by your labours and ingenuity. I await news of your coming discoveries with eager anticipation. Keep up the great work.

Alan Chattaway
London, United Kingdom

I’m fast, strong,
stamina too.
Shake, heat, freeze me,
G-me, I’ll survive;
good brain too.
Backup? Impeccable!
I have tools, so
I’ve got good eyes,
big good ears,
I’m sensitive to winds
and all sorts in the air.
I’ve a thingy for dust: my friend
Venetia said might be useful.
Plenty of food too;
I think I’m beautiful,
a bit of a golden boy.

I love travelling
I was 19 when I started
this journey, my first.
‘So where to?’ you ask.
Well the odd asteroid,
and this big planet but
he soon gave me the push;
lovely, right down his tail;
my timing was wrong
to visit the other big 3.

‘So anywhere else of interest?’
this planet, this dwarf,
this plutoid, a plutino,
and some TNOs, but
sorry, a bit technical eh!
Also a rendezvous with
Neptune’s Mr. Lagrange
but he might be elusive.

I collect mementos.
Names, 434,738 of them
coins, just 2 so far
stamps, 1 of them too
pics of me and who’ve touched me
a bit from another pioneer
and ashes.
of Clyde William Tombaugh
he’s a ‘millions of images’ man
and me? A ‘million miles a day’ man.
Well must go, sleeping time.

David P.
Turin, Italy

You’ve done over 1,000 days?
Aren’t you getting tired?
No, I’m very well prepared for such journeys.
No aches or pains?
Some very small ones but easily dealt with.
Do you have much further to go?
Yes, at least 2,461 days worth.
Wow! Won’t you get bored?
No, I’ve feelers out for all sorts.
7 major tool kits for a start.
All those tools!
There’s so much out here to study.
What’s your biggest find so far?
Read the research papers from my trip.
Are there many?
Oh yes and being added to all the time.
So some interesting finds?
Said hello to an S-type asteroid; strained to see Pluto - pleasing, but not yet interesting if the truth be known; enjoyed a volcano display;
gave a little smile to the Little Red Spot; did a bit of astrometry on Amalthea (
lovely body, pity about her ‘perfume,’ sulphurous - don’t say I said so);
whizzed down a magnetic tail.
Anything else you want to tell me?
I’m like a Fat-tailed Dwarf Lemur, I hibernate.

David P.
Turin, Italy

I am very impressed by the American space effort, the Pioneers, the Voyagers, Hubble, Magellan, Messenger and now New Horizons.

Clive Chinery
Macclesfield, England

Wow, New Horizons has on its way for 1,000 days, and so it is a time to remember for us. I believe we can see the best Pluto images in the 2011, of course it will give us a lot of surprises and excitement! Go, New Horizons!

YiWu, China

Contemplating the years it takes us to get just to the Kuiper Belt, I foresee the time when we will send robot explorers to another star system and leave messages for our distant descendants to wait for the results to be beamed back. That will help us keep the long view of life here on Earth, I hope.

James Foerch
Lowell, Michigan, USA

I can't wait for this all to come to pass. It is the greatest mission in a long, long time!!

Darryl Hersey
Green Brier, Arkansas, USA

Wow, what a project. My name is on the CD that's headed for Pluto ... this stuff really makes you feel small.

Hank Ruland

Every day that I can, I check the progress of New Horizons. How many AU is it to Pluto? Slowly the double digits reduce, and another milestone is met. I'm looking forward to breaking the 20 AU barrier. Our daughter is 10 years old - she marvels that New Horizons will finally get to its goal when she's 16 3/4 years old! I find her enthusiasm for this project the greatest gift - as her generation will hopefully look back at this project’s inception as another building block to farther-reaching and greater goals for NASA.

Brent Prokop
Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

1,000 nights ago the sky over Perth was clear, the stars bright. I looked up and saw a plume and a tiny speck ... New Horizons was leaving Earth. It was quite a thrill to actually see (and photograph) the departure. I'll never forget that! I wished her well as she faded from view.

Karl Northeast
Perth, Australia

I am very interested in this project because it’s the first that will try to reach Pluto. I can't wait to view the first images of this body.

Juan Ramos

Uao! That's great ... I'm counting down days remaining to the one when we will know Pluto better. I'm really excited! Best wishes from Italy to New Horizons and all the people that worked and are working on the project! Thank you for this possibility!!!

Loano, Italy

I look forward to what "my probe" will reveal about Pluto and its moons! We will learn so much - thanks, New Horizons, the little probe that could! Sic itur ad astra!!

Sue Hickey
Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland, Canada

Be proud, New Horizons team! There are many of us out here who check the Web site regularly to follow every detail. Thanks for keeping the information flowing and the science outstanding. We'll be here tomorrow and the next ... just like all of you.

Austin, Texas, USA

I visit the site almost every day if only to think of our valiant craft speeding its way to Pluto. 3,500 days seemed so far away but we've already done 1,000. Godspeed and congratulations to all who made and are making this possible.

Chris Burnet
London, United Kingdom

First off, Pluto is a planet in my book! I think we as humans must explore space, and I can't wait to see what the New Horizons spacecraft will find at Pluto. No matter what we THINK we will find, seems we find much more than we imagine.
Detroit, Michigan, USA

Congratulations are in order to the whole team, as they are using very new technologies needed for a trip to Pluto.
John Macco

This has been a fantastic program. I have followed the voyage from liftoff. My self and my daughter, who was only 7 at liftoff, are both very interested, and have read all your monthly reports. The photos and information about our solar system that New Horizons has sent back so far is a forerunner of what we can expect when she gets to Pluto. Carry on the good work, and keep those reports coming in, and good luck to New Horizons on her fantastic journey.
Ian Porter
United Kingdom

It's great that we deepen our knowledge of other planets like Cassini at Saturn, or the Mars rovers, but New Horizons is our only exploration into unchartered territory.
Mitch Williams
Redondo Beach, California, USA

Keep up the great work team! I grew up with the 60's space race and have always been enthralled with the creative minds in every mission. I was born on April 12th, a big day in space exploration, and I have been lucky enough to see many manned and probe missions since. If only we could rise to the challenges as well in politics! Good luck, everyone!
Ray Yoder
Clinton, Iowa, USA

How time flies by - I still remember the days when it wasn't even clear if the whole mission would ever take off. This is an example that if you truly believe in something you can make it happen and to believe in patience and long term goals.
Peter Monadjemi
Remseck, Germany

Whenever I think about New Horizons' Mission my blood gets hot. I am waiting for the moment when New Horizons reached at Pluto and sometimes wonder would I be alive at that time.
Asim Gilani
United Arab Emirates

Lengthy waits are hard; like the third hour of a five hour plane flight. And all the "sexy" parts are pretty well done for now. But like those of us who lived through the 60's waiting for Apollo 11, we know good things come to those who wait.
Michael Donahue
Chicago, Illinois, USA

For some reason Pluto has always been the planet that really holds my interest. I'm so glad that we are on our way and every thing is OK.
James Dalton
Joliet, Illinois, USA

In a word - wow. Even that seems inadequate to say. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who disagrees with the IAU's criteria for a "planet" and how the crew of NH hasn't let all of this mess stop them from carrying out one of the most amazing missions ever. Through this mission, I have been able to further spread the excitement of space exploration with several children from the local elementary school, as well as other people I have spoken with. I can't wait to see what the next few years have in store for us, visually and scientifically. I wish you all the best of luck!
Liz Patterson
Spruce Pine, North Carolina, USA

It's a whale of a mission y'all have put together. A kind of adventure. And I haven't missed a day of it. Many thanks to the team.
John Louisot
Chase Town, Ohio, USA

Congratulation to NASA Team! This project will meet us with other worlds. Such kind of knowledge and information given by NASA only in the world. Best wishes for Pluto Project.
Ketan Parmar
Navsari, Gujarat, India

Nothing prepares humans for the vastness of space. I can't even visualise the size of our solar system, where distances are measured in just light minutes or light hours. New Horizons has taken so long just to get to less than half way to Pluto. We need to get Einstein proven wrong if we want to travel to another star system!
Tingsern Wong

So hard to believe that NASA has the wherewithal to launch a probe that will take 10 years to reach its destination, a planet (? debate) that wasn't even known of 80 years ago. Just please don't lose it before it gets there!!
Louis Kessler
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

It is amazing. I have been visiting this website even before launch. Watching New Horizons lifting off towards Pluto was a dream come true. I can not wait for the Pluto/Charon encounter! Go New Horizons Go!

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

one thousand days one thousand nights lofted the wings of a bird in flight a golden bird a gleam of prayer lifted her up and carried her there out past the realm where ancient gods sleep and new gods await their moment to greet a wing and a prayer and the curious dream that nothing in the Universe is quite what it seems
A. Duvall
Huntsville, Alabama, USA

We were at the launch of New Horizons. It was very exciting and we have followed every step of the mission. It is hard to believe it has been nearly 3 years ago. It will be fun to see were we are when you finally reach Pluto.
Terry and Kim Mason
Florence, Kentucky, USA

I think it's the fastest little craft out there, its pictures of Jupiter's surface and the little red spot sent the wow factor past 10. Can't wait for it to get out to Pluto and send back data, it will be an exciting time if this mission is successful. There's no limitation on what we can explore. Fair winds and following seas New Horizons.
Kevin Koski
Cascade, USA

I watched the launch on the web and knew that I have 9+ years of excitement ahead of me. I can assure you that your space-probe has not disappointed me.
Congratulations to you all on the team. Lars Sjoberg
Stockholm, Sweden

Have a safe trip! Gute Reise!

Markus Moschell
Berlin, Germany

I love it that the articulate Alan Stern is point man for Astronomers Who Know That Pluto is a Planet.
Jamie Dillon
Salinas, California, USA

I am following New Horizons since day one, and my name is on the CD sent to Pluto. I hope it will arrive well, and I'm very impatient about seeing real photos of Pluto! And you guys have done an astonishing work, sending something 30 AU away, and being able to communicate and handle from that far, this is a real prowess! Good luck, New Horizons!
Paris, France

My name is on the DVD onboard the spacecraft (Certificate #44546). Onward to Pluto, Charon, the Kuiper Belt and interstellar space!
Michael Smeltzer
Portage, Indiana, USA

I keep checking the site for news. The Jupiter encounter was breathtaking. Such a long journey and the past and future's discoveries are indeed a spectacular human achievement. All the best!
Christophe Merville
Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, USA

That's a great mission, I hope New Horizon will discover something new about Pluto and give mankind new answers about Solar System and Universe.
Pescara, Italy

I get very excited to receive news of the New Horizons expedition because it is so amazing that we can continue to communicate with the spacecraft at the distance where it has been in space 1,000 days. I loved seeing the photos of Jupiter. I hope to see this mission to the end and can't wait until all of the data is complied in a book.
Joyce McClelland

It is hard to believe it has been 1,000 Days!!!! My one hope is that I will still be alive to see the images of Pluto as they come in.
John Woodall
Marietta, USA

Hats off to those who had the vision and those who listened and funded this project. In a few short years one of the greatest events in mankind's history will take place. No more second guessing or speculation, but true seeing is believing documentation of our "planet" Pluto and the Kuiper Belt. Does the planet classification really matter? Pluto ... we are coming to meet you, the littlest planet in our solar system. Soon your identity will be revealed by those of care. I give my Thanks to all who have made this journey possible. Thank you!
Henry S. Bravo
Riverside, California, USA

It has been most exciting to monitor New Horizons' path, to see it zip past the moon's orbit only a few hours after launch, and then skip through the inner solar system with an alacrity we've never seen before.
James Danly
London, England

Please don't ever think that no one is looking over your shoulders at the progress this mission is making. I share with you the hope that the knowledge gleaned will be of great benefit to us down here. Keep up the good work.
George Escalera
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Flying out of our Solar System like a bullet, it is in fact our "tip of the sword." It is the fastest craft we have ever created, and will go farther than we ever have. We must follow behind, least it become all that remains of us.
Nikolaus Walch
Munich, Germany, and Plano, Texas, USA

Science to you but magic to me - thanks for taking me along!
Mike Wakefield
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

The Pluto-Kuiper Express did not make it, but New Horizons did and better and faster too. A fantastic Jupiter encounter and so much more to come. GO New Horizons -you are two fifths of the way there!
The Earl of Kimberley
United Kingdom

I can't believe it's been 1,000 days. I prayed and lobbied my Senate and House representatives for funding for this spacecraft. I've set my retirement date for shortly after she arrives at Pluto. I hope we find something amazing out there . . . You guys and gals are doing some cutting edge stuff. I hope in time the general public comes to realize what you have done.
Cleveland, Ohio, USA

To Alan and the rest of the team: You guys and gals are doing an awesome job. I hope I live long enough to not only see the photos from Pluto, Nix, Hydra, and Charon, but to make some art out of them. Keep up the great work!
Mike Wrathell
Sterling Heights, Michigan, USA