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On Nov. 7, 1805, upon reaching what he thought was the Pacific Ocean, Merriweather Lewis wrote in his journal: "Ocian in view! O! the joy.” The expedition team still had about 20 miles to go, but the thrill of discovery was apparent in Lewis’ writings . . .

Pluto in View! Oh the Joy!

What do you think?

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft has crossed the a vast ocean of space to the very frontier of our solar system, about to begin the mission's primary objective: explore Pluto and its moons.

No space mission has ever journeyed so far from Earth to reach its destination.

What's your take on where New Horizons has been, and where it's headed?

Share your thoughts and reflections – in 200 words or less – on the first mission to Pluto and beyond.

Set out to explore with New Horizons ...

The Lewis and Clark Expedition – also known as Expedition of the Corps of Discovery – was the first American expedition to cross what is now the western United States.

Just as Lewis and Clark explored the U.S. to open up a whole new country, NASA’s New Horizons mission is flying toward Pluto to reveal a whole new zone of our solar system. You have the unique opportunity to explore with us – to learn about the New Horizons mission from the inside, and host a “Plutopalooza” event in your own area in July 2015, when New Horizons zips through the Pluto system.

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