The PI's Perspective Archives

September 5, 2018Tally Ho Ultima!
February 28, 2018Why Didn't Voyager Explore the Kuiper Belt?
December 6, 2017Wrapping up 2017 En Route to Our Next Flyby
August 8, 2017The Heroes of the DSN and the 'Summer of MU69'
April 28, 2017No Sleeping Back on Earth!
December 22, 2016Clouds in My Coffee: Exploring Pluto and the Wild Back Yonder!
July 7, 2016Exploration Ahead!
April 14, 2016To Boldly Go On, In the Service of Exploration
December 30, 2015Our 'Annus Mirabilis'
July 29, 2015Thank You!
June 25, 2015Build the Buzz!
April 13, 2015Capstone: 2015
February 26, 2015Pluto Science, on the Surface
January 23, 2015Something Special in the Air
December 31, 2014It's Pluto Eve!
December 1, 2014Waking Up on Pluto's Doorstep
October 23, 2014KBO Hunting: How Hubble Rescued New Horizons
September 18, 2014One Last Slumber
June 23, 2014What If Voyager Had Explored Pluto?
June 11, 2014Childhood's End
February 6, 2014Thanks America, New Horizons Ahead
July 23, 2013Late in Cruise, and a Binary Ahoy
July 5, 2013Celebrating 35 Years of Charon
May 16, 2013Encounter Planning Accelerates
January 18, 2013The Seven-Year Itch
August 24, 2012The Kuiper Belt at 20
May 9, 2012Extending Our Horizons
January 19, 2012Late Cruise!
November 7, 2011Is the Pluto System Dangerous?
August 16, 2011Visiting Four Moons, in Just Four Years, for All Mankind
April 13, 2011Pinch Me!
December 17, 2010Ten Years On
November 9, 2010A Toast to New Horizons
October 18, 2010Reaching the Mid-Mission Milestone on the Way to Pluto!
May 21, 2010Ever Farther Across the Ocean of Space to a Distant and Unknown Shore
December 2, 2009Farewell 2009
September 2, 2009Science Never Sleeps
July 14, 2009A Summer's Work, Far From Home
May 20, 2009Ever Plan Ahead? How About Six Years Ahead?
March 19, 2009One-Third Down
January 5, 2009Welcome to Mid-Cruise!
October 23, 2008Nine Mementos Headed to the Ninth Planet
October 6, 20081,000 Days on the Road to Pluto - Time Flies and So Does New Horizons!
July 29, 2008Journeying Beyond Saturn
May 1, 2008Green Beacons for a Golden Bird
January 17, 2008Happy Birthday New Horizons! Two Years on the Road to the Ninth Planet
November 20, 2007Autumn 2007 - Onward to the Kuiper Belt
November 7, 2007The Guest Perspective - Data for the Next Generations
October 1, 2007Checking Out New Horizons
August 1, 2007Outbound at 7 AU
June 20, 2007Nap Before You Sleep
May 10, 2007Continuing Our Jovian Journey
March 26, 2007Trip Report
March 12, 2007Downlink Initiated
March 5, 2007The Tip of the Iceberg
March 1, 2007Launch Complete
February 26, 2007Picking up the Pace
February 22, 2007Campaigning for Jupiter
February 21, 2007Speeding to Zeus
February 15, 2007Calm Before Close Approach
January 23, 2007One Year Down, Eight to Go, on the Road to Pluto
January 5, 2007New Horizons in 2007
November 1, 2006Making Old Horizons New
September 21, 2006Changing Seasons on the Road Trip to Planet 9
September 6, 2006Unabashedly Onward to the Ninth Planet
July 14, 2006Nine Years to the Ninth Planet, and Counting
June 1, 2006A Summer's Crossing Through the Asteroid Belt
May 1, 2006'Exploration at Its Greatest'
March 20, 2006Zero G and I Feel Fine
February 27, 2006Boulder and Baltimore
February 9, 2006Tom's Cruise
January 31, 2006Our Aim Is True
January 24, 2006On the Road at Last
January 20, 2006It Worked!
January 18, 2006First Things First
January 14, 2006We're in Flight Configuration
January 11, 2006It Takes A Team
January 9, 2006Free Bird
December 27, 2005Getting Closer
December 19, 2005New Horizons Meets Its Launch Vehicle
December 12, 2005Next Month, We Aim to Fly!
November 7, 2005Two More Moons, Two More Months, and Ten More Watts
October 1, 2005Changes in Latitude
September 5, 2005September Comes, Complete With Sister Worlds
August 1, 2005A Road Trip, from Earth to Pluto
June 29, 2005Pluto-Charon- Two for the Price of One
May 6, 2005New Horizons Indeed
April 5, 2005The PI's Perspective
March 2, 2005An Inside Look at New Horizons
February 2, 2005An Inside Look at New Horizons from Principal Investigator Alan Stern