Clyde Tombaugh: Discover of Pluto


Clyde Tombaugh: Discover of Pluto

Walking to Pluto

NASA's Jim Green Walks to Pluto

Joe Peterson

Joe Peterson

Getting to Pluto is a Team Sport

Getting to Pluto is a Team Sport

Taking Pictures of Pluto

Mark Holdridge

Clyde Tombaugh's Legacy of Discovery

Tombaugh family members reflect on New Horizons mission and the exploration of the planet their father discovered.

Tombaugh Birthday

The Real PlutoPhiles

Alan Stern


Alex Parker


Amanda Gulbis


Bill McKinnon


Dale Cruikshank


Fran Bagenal


James Green


Jamey Szalay


Leslie Young


Marc Buie


Pluto Encounter Rehearsal

Part I: The Encounter Begins

The calendar said July 2013, but for the New Horizons team practicing the Pluto encounter, it was July 2015.

Part I: The Encounter Begins

Part II: Passing Pluto

The mission team guides spacecraft activity and examines simulated data in the same way they'll handle the "real thing" when Pluto slowly reveals its secrets to New Horizons in July 2015.

Part II: Passing Pluto

The KBO Search: Hunting Ancient Ice Worlds

On the Space Frontier

The New Horizons team searches for ancient ice worlds at the edge of the solar system

On the Space Frontier

The Observations Begin

Team members coordinate their KBO search between telescopes in Hawaii and Chile

The Observations Begin

Doing Astronomy on Top of the World

Mauna Kea offers some of the best views of space from Earth, but the living (and working) ain't always easy.

Doing Astronomy on Top of the World

Crowd-Sourcing the Kuiper Belt

For help in finding a potential KBO flyby target, New Horizons scientists took to the Web.

Crowd-Sourcing the Kuiper Belt

NASA Mission Update Video

NASA Mission Update: New Horizons

NASA Mission Update: New Horizons

New Horizons: To Pluto & Beyond

Podcast #1: From Earth to Jupiter

Meet the team preparing New Horizons for its Jupiter flyby.

From Earth to Jupiter

Podcast #2: The Jupiter Flyby

Flying Past Jupiter boosts New Horizons speed and shaves years off the trip to Pluto.

The Jupiter Flyby

Podcast #3: New Horizons Encounter with Jupiter: Science Never Sleeps

The Jupiter gravity assist gives New Horizons a chance to test its science instruments - and make discoveries along the way.

New Horizons Encounter with Jupiter: Science Never Sleeps

Podcast #4: Jupiter Closest Approach

New Horizons braves the tough radiation environment at Jupiter and gives the team new views of the solar system's largest planet.

Jupiter Closest Approach

Podcast #5: The Hibernation Express

A successful flyby behind it and a long cruise ahead, the team places New Horizons in hibernation.

The Hibernation Express

NASA Direct: New Horizons Features

Next Stop: Pluto

Next Stop: Pluto

Planning a mission to the far reaches of the solar system is no easy task.

Designed Specially for Pluto:

Designed Specially for Pluto

New Horizons sports science instruments that will send us first-of-a-kind images.

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